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Search Engine Marketing

PPC for Home Service Contractors and Non-Profit Organizations






We are a boutique agency that specializes in Home Service Contractors (electricians, plumbers, HVAC, roofing, garage doors, etc).  

We offer personalized service, the highest level of tracking/reporting and, most important, clearly measurable results in the form of bookable calls.    

Some of the options we provide clients

"Own" the market or throttling campaign performance based on call volume needs and staffing issues (losing a technician, adding new ones)

Our client budgets range from $1500/mo to $150k/mo or more

Call Tracking is required with all campaigns, landing pages are separate and unique.

Regularly scheduled optimization of campaigns for improved performance/efficiency over time.

We are constantly learning and optimizing the campaign structures and landing pages to deliver more for less. 

Conversion rates of 30-60% depending on strategy - meaning that 30% or more of consumers that click on the ad PICK UP THE PHONE and call.  We focus on delivering quality calls that are bookable

One point of contact for all communication and optimization.  There is no breakdown in communication, goals are achieved and results are delivered. 

We are focused on statistics, clearly measurable proof of call volume, cost per call and market penetration.

Monthly reporting including easy to understand statistics that matter to business owners

Some information about Light Marketing Inc.
  • We are a Premier Google Partner and have retained this for many many years 

  • All employees have Google and Microsoft certifications 

  • Over 11 years in business, specializing in Pay-per-Click ONLY

  • All employees complete regular continuing education at the most prestigious, advanced trainings available in the United States. 

When we have gone toe to toe with any agency or PPC service, we have always beat their stats and performance. 

 We are an agency that focuses on long term strategies and relationships.